Hallen van Schaarbeek - SCENE                                                                                                                           ZA 23.09
Gratis - MULTI                                                                                                                                                21:00 - 23:15

Met: Miksi, Wilma & MJ

SpeakEasy open mic is an open space for all languages and experiences. We welcome you to come have your voice be heard, your words be applauded and celebrate your artistic self. Our supportive audience is crazy about poetry and we hope to see you soon on our stage! (We try to be a kind space, so no sexism, racism, transphobia etc).


Foto : Sujay Iyer 

SpeakEasy Spoken Word BXL is a collective, a space, a stage and most of all a dream. As a women run poetic pandemonium we try to provide a place where performers, artists, lovers of words and audience come together to create and listen. Basically, we are where the poetry takes us. In addition to our monthly open mics we organise leisurely literary walks, poetic adventures and other bursts of words in the wild.

Poetik Bazar #3

Halles de Schaerbeek
1030 Bruxelles